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rebates and incentives

There are many options to help finance and incentivize upgrading energy in your home. Efficiency Maine, the federal government and some local municipalities offer heat pump rebates for any income level.

Efficiency Maine

Efficiency Maine currently has two types of heat pump incentives

Whole Home Heat Pump Incentives


  • Efficiency Maine rebates up to $8,000           
    Low income – 80% of project cost up to an $8,000 lifetime rebate                              limit                      

   Moderate income – 60% of project cost up to a $6,000 lifetime

rebate limit      

   Any income – 40% of project cost up to a $4,000 lifetime rebate limit  

**To meet incentive requirements heat pump(s) must be sized for at least 80% of the homes peak heating load. Heat pump(s), combined with supplemental heat, sized for at least 100% of home's peak heating load.

Click the button below to view income based eligibility verification

Supplemental Heat Pump Incentives

 Low income - 80% of project cost up to $4,000 

For a single heat pump. Must meet low income criteria as stated on Efficiency Maine Website


Federal Government Incentives

New federal income tax credits are available through 2032 to lower the cost of energy efficient home upgrades by up to 30 percent. Improvements such as installing heat pumps and electrical panel upgrades are included within these credits.

​Federal Tax Credit up to $2,600

  • 200+ amp circuit panels up to $600

  • Heat pumps up to $2,000

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